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Who Governs Syria?

The following is an article by a Russian expert on Middle Eastern affairs. It is a serious article and is aimed at informing academics and policy makers in Russia as to the history and nature of the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The picture is complex and involves the family and friends of the Syrian President, their rivalries, and their political and financial assets. One cannot help but be reminded of the internal workings of the great American Mafia families of a half-century ago. But this family is armed with an army and an air force.
Who Governs Syria?
By Kirill Semenov, Head of the Center for Islamic Studies of the Institute for Innovative Development
This article was published in the framework of the partnership between Expert Online and the Russian Council of International Affairs. (Translation by Livingston Merchant)
As a result of the military conflict in Syria, the complex structure of the inner circle of President Bashar al-Assad has undergone changes, but not t…