Do you really think all Muslims are narrow minded, woman hating terrorists?

These are the words which I copied from the tomb in Anatolia of the dervısh Haci Bektaş, a 13th century holy man who founded a group within Islam that still exists in Turkey. Known as the Alevi, they number about twenty-five million and have suffered tremendously from persecution over the centuries. They are open-minded towards those of other religions, and they have for centuries championed the cause of social justice, and they have influenced the thought of modern Turkey before the present regime.

Any road that doesn’t follow science, ends in darkness,
Give education to women,
Control on your tongue, hands and waist, [sexual organs]
The greatest book to read is man himself,
Honesty is the door of a friend,
Being a teacher is to give, not to take,
The universe is for man, and man for the universe,
Science illuminates the paths of truth,
We travel in the way of science, comprehension and human love,
Clean where you’ve settled and deserve the money you’ve made,
Let’s be one, be big and energetic,
Don’t hurt anyone, even though you’ve been hurt,
Don’t ask anyone for anything that would be difficult for you to do,
Don’t blame any nation or individual,
Blessed are those who illuminate the darkness of thought,
Keep on searching, and you’ll find,
The beauty of the face consists of the words you speak,
Don’t forget that even your enemy is human,
The biggest God-given miracle is work,
In the language of friendly conversation, you can’t discriminate between man and woman,
Everything God has created is in order,
To us, there’s no difference between man and woman, 
If you think there is, you’re mistaken.


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