People deserve to get what they want - and get it good and hard.

For the past month or so every liberal blog, newspaper, tweet, or FB post have predicted that President Trump is so frustrated and/or incompetent that he will resign/move to Florida/lock himself in the bathroom and not come out. The fact that none of these predictions show little sign of coming true should indicate that every news source to the Left of Attila the Hun has come down with a terminal case of wishful thinking.

If you believe in democracy (and most Americans do - if their candidate wins), you should realize that America more or less chose Trump to be president. Winging about Hillary won the popular vote is only done by the Losers, as the President might say. The electoral college is -- well the law of the land.

The fact is, the American people, or at least a lot of them, wanted to have this as their President:

They won. They and the RNC and the Russians and the coal miners and the little old men and ladies in the Tea Party and many other well- or ill-intention folk: with the help of the FBI and Hillary's campaign strategy and the Clinton Foundation.

Now we must support the President, but never forgetting the words attributed to Lenin, "As a rope supports a hung man."

So said Harry Potter's bus driver, "Hang on.

It's going to be a bumpy ride." And do not hold your breath waiting for the Trump to resign. I am afraid we are stuck with the result of the American political system till the last stop. Or the war with North Korea. Whichever comes first.


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