Herbert Block: Cartoonist from 70 years ago shows America's present was also its past.

Could it be that Making America Great Again means returning to a less democratic past? Is it possible that "Great" means "cowardly and mean spirited"?

China's population makes up about 18% of the world's population and Muslims make up about 23% of the world's population. Are you not disturbed that the President's chief adviser and strategist is a madman who believes we should go to war against both these peoples?

Do Americans have to give up the freedoms that they fought and bled for in wars and freedom marches and demonstrations for racial equality? Are Americans really so afraid of believing that all men (and women) are created equal. Will the light of liberty go out?

Did a narrow election won because of a peculiar system of proportional representation really give an administration a mandate to totally destroy the glue that binds society together? Isn't this what we expect from a dictatorship rather than a democratically elected government?

America has been in this predicament before. It occurs when demagogues scare the stuffing out of "the common man". Only decisive action by men and women who see clearly and love liberty can reverse this course to destruction and save America from going up on the rocks.


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