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Erdogan Is Finished and Very Soon

Picture from The American Free Press, 26 February 2016
Many of us who follow events in Turkey have been mesmerized by the ability of the former Prime Minister, now President of the republic, to gain more and more power over the past decade. But power is a fickle bitch. It can end suddenly and with humiliation.

I was trained as a social scientist and historian, and I have not lost the historian's tendency to make predictions based on his or her understanding of events in the past: "the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior." Of course, the accuracy rate of these predictions has been abysmal. But still, sometimes one comes along that you can take to your bookie. 

While we were being mesmerized, the cracks in Erdogan's clay feet have spread up his legs and are working away at his abdomen. The fall is inevitable.

Consider the following:

Erdogan has for years followed a policy of divide and conquer within the country. He successfully used it for a long time agains…