Erdogan didn't know it was a Russian plane. Wink. Wink

Erdogan now claims he did not know it was a Russian plane he shot down. Ethiopian perhaps?

What on earth has happened? Erdogan, faced with the fact that his foreign support is paper thin, tries claiming ignorance. Does that work for you? It might work at first for his Turkish followers. The press in controlled, the opposition is cowed, anyone hurting the Sultan's feelings is thrown into jail. Erdogan apparently forgets that his ability twist the truth does not work so well in the rest of the world.

NATO and Russia were at serious odds over the Ukraine. Erdogan felt that this tension would keep the Russians from maintaining his favorite enemy Assad in power forever. Then disaster struck. The Russians joined the fight in Syria with special emphasis on supporting Assad.

The Paris massacre was a game changer.  France, with the sympathy of England and the United States, approached Russia for closer coordination in suppressing the Sunni militants - including ISIS - in Syria.

What to do?

Suddenly the first Russian plane to be destroyed by a NATO attack put Erdogan in the spot light. But something didn't work right. It is clear NATO was not going to support a rogue member. Russia was in a white-hot fury, and support for Turkey evaporated.

If Russia hurts Turkey economically, no one will say anything. If Russia turns off the gas supply, Turkey will freeze in the winter. And many of Erdogan's Turkish supporters will disappear. Unfortunately for him, most of them support him for their new-found prosperity and not out of a deep love and devotion. And of this Erdogan appears also to be ignorant.


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