Can 51% of the Turkish voters save President Erdogan from his incredible mistakes?

President Erdogan had 51% of the popular vote in the last election. In celebration of his election as president, he has opened a presidential palace that cost between $500,000 and $1,000,000. 

He has attacked and alienated the Alewi Muslims (15%) of the population. He played the PKK card and angered the Army. He is backing away from that card and alienating Kurds in Turkey, perhaps 20% of the population. He has gutted the police and the courts. He has accused the parliamentary oppositions (Social Democrats and Nationalists) of near treason. He attacked the secular groups that oppose him as being the monkey's paw of Israel. His former partners, the Gulen Muslims are furious at his shutting down their hundreds of schools. In other words, in trying to control dissent by these attacks and shutting down the free press, he has actually created a rather formidable opposition. That 51% may not help much if the Kurdish revolt starts up again in the east, and he has to rely on a weakened but resentful armed forces. Especially if they have to get involved in Syria. Ouch.

Oh, yes, he has irritated the Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, and most of his former European supporters. And Russia. And Iran. And Egypt.
A statistic from Egypt which bears remembering. President Morsi had something over 50% of the popular vote. This did not save him from falling. 


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