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The Shades of Istanbul: a meeting of skepticism, Christianity, and Islam across the centuries

These are the opening chapters of a metaphysical novel in which men and women from very different backgrounds struggle to find the meaning of the struggle of good and evil in this world.

The Shades of Istanbul By Livingston Merchant

Job in the Hebrew Scriptures Eyub in the Koran
Joy & Woe are woven fine, A Clothing for the Soul divine; Under every grief & pine Runs a joy with silken twine.
William Blake

A story was told almost three thousand years ago about  God-fearing man by the name of Job. He had wives and children and slaves. He was rich in lands and supremely happy.Then, because of a dispute between God and Satan, God allows Satan to take everything from him: wives, children, slaves, lands, and even his health.Job sits on a pile of ashes and asks why this would happen to him when he was completely innocent of sin or rebellion against God.Job gets no answer, but his question is the central theme of this story.
Empires and centuries converge in the great city of Istanbul, once  Consta…