Hey! There's another genocide on TV!

Look! It's on again. What a show. Genocide, Season 15

If you missed the earlier seasons, tune in now to what is happening to the Syrian Kurds. Hundreds of thousands of them fleeing a very devout group of Muslim gentlemen. Looks a little like Armenians a hundred years ago - but of course the Ottoman armies had really good reasons to eradicate this huge Christian population. And then the Jews, homosexuals, and Gypsies: the Germans were just trying to clean up their blood lines. Understandable. And perhaps the greatest "cleansing" of all: the massacre of millions upon millions of Native Americans in the United States and the uprooting, enslavement, and murder of millions of Africans during the slave trade.

If you missed all of that, it is happening again. Watch the new season episodes. An enterprising little company named ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic State will provide you with entertainment for the entire viewing season. Why? Because as in all the earlier episodes, THE WORLD DOES NOTHING. So sit back and watch CNN, BBC, AlJazeera, RTV. Do not worry. Nothing will be charged for  your viewing. Just as long as you do nothing. This is all a normal human activity which takes place everywhere in the world with great regularity. No need to feel any guilt. Just do not get involved. Drop a few bombs just to show that you care. Drop a few bottles of water to those children in the desert. For God's sake, do not get off your fat ass and try to stop it.


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