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People get the government they deserve.

People get the government they deserve.

These are the very sobering words of a Columbia University professor seventy years ago discussing the Soviet government under Stalin. It is hard to accept that the Soviet people were deserving of the terrible crimes under Stalin, but it is true that after 1989 they were in large part able to free themselves from the shackles of that criminal regime.
Now many of us, both foreigners and the citizens of Turkey, have their eyes on the catastrophic unraveling of the justice system under the AKP government. It is still very unclear what is happening. What is clear is that there has been graft and corruption on a level unusual for the generally sober Turkish society. If there has been a major cover-up or if this scandal is in part a consequence of the schism between Prime Minister Erdo─čan and the Gulen movement, we still do not know. The government appears to be covering its tracks - and in so doing is creating more tracks.
In the end it would be satisfyi…